Journal of Computational Information Systems


The Binary Information PressPublications(BIP) began publishing two electronic journals in 1999 – Communications for Information Systems and Journal of Computational Information Systems. These journals are designed to be complementary and the first part of this statement of editorial policy is common to both. In content, each fulfills the role usually associated with the terms “communications” and “Information”. Communications is intended to foster the free flow of ideas within the IS community; its emphasis is on originality, importance, and cogency of ideas; it is also a vehicle for case studies, survey articles, tutorials, and other materials of general interest to the IS community. The Journal is a classical, reviewed outlet for research with every intention of being equal to the best in the field.

Articles should be submitted to one of the journals in accordance with its content and the way the authors wish to have the submission processed. In case of doubt as to which journal is most appropriate for a particular article, it may be submitted to either and the editors will decide which one is most suitable.

Electronic Publication
Both journals will be delivered to subscribers electronically. There is no paper copy. The entire publication process from submission, through review, revision, and final edit is electronic. Electronic publication has a number of implications:
1. The cycle from submission to delivery is shortened. Every effort will be made to ensure that reviews are submitted in a timely manner; once an article has been accepted for publication, there will be no need to wait for the next available issue after such and such a number of publication cycles. Given the nature of the delivery system, articles will be delivered to subscribers immediately when they become available. The numbering system for the Journal of Computational Information Systemsis Vol. X (year), No. y. For example, the third article in 2000 was Volume 2 (2000), No. 3
2. Authors will be required to adhere strictly to the publication guidelines in terms of software and text formats to facilitate the rapid turnaround, which we intend to make a hallmark of these publications.