Journal of Computational Information Systems


Manuscripts submitted to Journal of Computational Information Systems are subject to one of two types of review: Traditional peer review or editorial review. Peer review is in procedure similar to most academic journals: The Editor-in-Chief assigns an Associate Editor to a paper who solicits at least two peer reviewers and makes a recommendation to the Editor-in-Chief based on a single-blind peer review process. This type of review process is appropriate for regular research paper submissions as well as tutorials.
In addition, the Journal of Computational Information Systemsalso offers the option of editorial review. Editorial review involves reviews by an Associate Editor and the Editor-in-Chief. The Associate Editor serves as the expert reviewer and makes the recommendation to the Editor-in-Chief. Editorial review is generally faster because decisions are made based on one report only. This type of review process is often appropriate for panel reports, workshop reports, debates, or commentaries.
Authors decide which review process is appropriate for their submission by indicating the review type within ScholarOne at the time of submission. The default mode is set to peer review. If an alternative review mode is preferred, authors must provide explicit justification for their choice in their cover letter.
Cover Letter
Authors are strongly encouraged to provide a cover letter with their submission. This cover letter should outline contributions of the article, justification for review mode (where appropriate), any previous submission history (if any) and the authors’ preference for Associate Editor.